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What we do

Investments in Environmental Improvement

The State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic as a specifically focused institution provides direct financial support through subsidies and indirect financial support through loans or contributions towards interest on loans.

The Fund primarily co-finances projects to improve quality of water, air, waste management, protection of nature and the countryside, environmental education, utilisation of renewable energy sources and measures to improve the energy performance of buildings.

Our Role in the World of Subsidies

The State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic grants financial aid through subsidies, soft loans or a combination of both. The Fund obtains the financial resources from the state budget and from polluters. Polluters pay fees for discharges of wastewater, for land reclassification, air pollution fees and fees levied under the Waste Act. From these resources, the Fund provides financial support in the National Programme Environment.

The Fund is also responsible for administering funds from the EU Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund in the environmental sector in the Czech Republic as well as from the New Green Savings Programme which is financed from a share in the yields from the emission allowances’ auctions on the European market (EUA and EUAA).

The main activities

  • Providing consulting and advisory services
  • Receiving and evaluating aid applications
  • Preparing supporting documents for approving aid and the contractual agenda for providing aid
  • Disbursing financial resources to aid beneficiaries and continually auditing their use
  • Conducting the final evaluation of the allocation of the resources provided and of the accomplished environmental effects
  • Occasionally imposing and enforcing sanctions in cases of non-compliance with the contractual conditions for granting aid

Major Subsidy Programmes Administered by SEF CR

Other programmes

  • The Rainwater programme provides aid to sustainable water management in households.
  • So called “boiler subsidies” contribute to improving of air quality in the Czech Republic.
  • Innovative Financial Instruments (IFN) represent a more efficient and sustainable way of using European Structural and Investment Funds in future years.

The Fund has a nationwide network of consultants, skilled and highly qualified project managers. Offices are located in all 13 major regional cities in the Czech Republic. Contacts