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The Norwegian call will help find a way to rid the river of medicament and hormone residues
Even though our wastewater treatment is at an advanced level, we are not always able to get rid of all impurities. Research has shown that residues of antibiotics, hormones, and other commonly used substances are found in surface waters, but these can be very dangerous for aquatic organisms and ecosystems. In the new grant call "Trondheim" from Norway Grants, the State Environmental Fund has prepared 94 million crowns for innovative measures, the result of which will be new technologies for clean surface waters without toxic medicaments residues.
Another 150 million is brought to the Czech Republic by Norway Grants, promote eco-innovation
Innovative procedures in environmental protection or the application of scientific research projects in practice will be supported by a new two-stage grant call "Rago" financed by Norway Grants. It is open in the Environment, Ecosystems and Climate Change program, and the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic has more than 150 million crowns ready for innovations in the field of ecosystem protection and biodiversity.
The Norway Grants program has received additional funding and increases the allocation of some calls
The State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic has negotiated an increase in funding in the program "Environment, Ecosystems and Climate Change", which draws funds from Norway Grants. The amount of EUR 2.7 million will be used to finance projects included in the project pools in the two already closed grant calls, Oslo and Bergen, and for the forthcoming calls for climate change and protection of waters against micropollutant pollution.
The last Norwegian Call of this year will support eco-education activities
The State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic will offer more than 31 million Crowns from Norway grants for eco-education and information projects. In the newly announced grant call called "Reine", Fund will support projects in four areas - improving the environmental status in ecosystems, reducing the adverse effects of human activity on air quality, reducing the adverse effects of human activity on water quality, mitigating climate change and adapting to climate change at the local level. It will support not only educational programs aimed at schools, the lay and professional public, bu...
Norway grants will help save habitats and endangered species outside protected areas
Up to 200 000 euros for the conservation of endangered natural habitats and plant or animal species listed on the red lists can be obtained from those interested in the new subsidy Call from the Norway grants. In the "Rondane Call“, the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic offers a total of EUR 3 million for small rescue projects in localities outside specially protected areas. Receipt of applications will start on September 14, 2020.
More greenery and moisture into the streets of cities. Norway Grants offer millions to green the built landscape
The streets of towns, villages and their surroundings will be revived by new trees, meadows, green facades, lakes and various water features. The State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic offers 4 million euro from Norway Grants for the construction of green-blue infrastructure and the implementation of adaptation measures to climate change. Funds from the "Bergen Call" will help cities to better manage weather extremes, maintain moisture in the landscape and improve the overall quality of life of their inhabitants.
Ten Czech-Norwegian bilateral initiatives will share 2,6 million
The first bilateral Call announced under the Environment, Ecosystems and Climate Change Programme, which is funded by the Norway Grants 2014-2021, is closed. Ten successful Czech-Norwegian bilateral initiatives will share support in the total amount of over 2,6 million Czech crowns. The announcement of the second bilateral call is scheduled for the second half of this year.
Norway Grants will support municipalities in the fight against smog, offering a 100% subsidy for measuring air quality
Millions of euro from Norway Grants will help the Czech Republic in the fight against smog. The State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic is opening a new "Tromso Call" in the Environment, Ecosystems and Climate Change Programme. It prepares 2,5 million euro for cities, municipalities and other applicants for monitoring and analysis of air pollution. The grant will cover up to 100 percent of eligible project expenditure.