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Calls for Proposals


Receipt of applications: 9.12.2022 – 9.2.2023                Allocation: 1,000,000  EUR

From the Svalbard call, it is possible to obtain support for projects aimed at monitoring and identifying local air pollution caused by local heating plants.


Receipt of applications: 4.11.2022 – 4.1.2023                Allocation: 7,617,837  EUR

The call is being issued primarily as a follow-up call for Call-2A Tromso and SGS-3 Oslo to provide support for the implementation of projects in two areas – air protection and adaptation to climate change.  


Receipt of applications: 12.7.2022 – 10.10.2022                Allocation: 3,000,000 EUR

The call is aimed at providing infrastructure and appropriate analytical methods for the identification of new pollutants in the aquatic environment.


Receipt of applications: 8.4.2021 – 11.6.2021                Allocation: 5 779 023 EUR

The Call is focused on the submission of project proposals related to scientific research projects, innovative projects and the transfer of examples of good practice in the field of protection of ecosystems and biodiversity to the conditions of environmental protection in the Czech Republic.


Receipt of applications: 8.4.2021 – 11.6.2021                Allocation: 3,600,022 EUR

The grant Call from the programme Environment, Ecosystems and Climate Change focuses on the protection of water quality in the Czech Republic and the reduction of surface water pollution by micropollutants – specifically pharmaceuticals and their metabolites.


Receipt of applications: 15.12.2020 – 15.2.2021                   Allocation: 1,200,000 EUR

The Call focuses on the support of information and educational activities in environmental protection. The main topics are: improving the environmental status in ecosystems, reducing the adverse effects of human activity on air quality, reducing the adverse effects of human activity on water quality, mitigating climate change and adapting to climate change at the local level.


Receipt of applications: 14.9.2020 – 30.11.2020                   Allocation: 3,000,000 EUR

The Call aims to support measures to promote biodiversity through the protection of endangered habitats. Measures to protect endangered species of plants and animals, in particular those on the red lists, will also be supported. All measures must be taken outside specially protected areas.


Receipt of applications: 12.8.2020 – 30.10.2020                    Allocation: 4,000,000 EUR

The supported activities under the Call “Bergen” No. CALL- 4A of the Programme are the implementation of selected nature-related measures identified in the strategic documents setting out the approach to climate change-related problems. This type of document is collectively referred to as Climate Strategies (Adaptation Strategies). Particularly preferred are green and blue infrastructure elements.


Receipt of applications: 15.7.2020 – 30.9.2020               Allocation: 2,500,000 EUR

The Call is aimed at carrying out temporary (mobile) air quality monitoring at regional or local level in order to identify the prevalent type of pollution, pollutant concentrations and to determine the source of this pollution and to evaluate data. The condition of support is also the subsequent elaboration of action plans with proposals of relevant measures to prevent the identified type of air pollution or mitigate the consequences of its action and its adoption by the relevant executive body.


Receipt of applications: 14.1.2020 – 15.3.2020                Allocation: 1,000,000 EUR

The Call focuses on the development of strategic documents establishing an approach to climate change-related problems and identifying adaptation and / or mitigation measures for its impact. This type of document is jointly referred to as the Adaptation Strategy.