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Supported projects


The Call focuses on the creation of strategic documents setting out a long-term approach to climate change issues and identifying appropriate adaptation and/or mitigation measures at local and regional level. This type of document is collectively referred to as the Adaptation Strategy.

Supported activities are activities related to the overall elaboration and adoption of Adaptation Strategies at the local and regional level, including the elaboration of analytical documents and the discussion of these documents before their adoption by the relevant executive body.

Call closed: 15th March 2020



The measures supported under the “Tromso” call are the implementation of temporary (mobile) air quality monitoring at regional or local level. The purpose is to identify the predominant type of pollution, including concentrations of pollutants, and to identify the source of this pollution.

The condition for the provision of support is the subsequent elaboration of an action plan with proposals of relevant measures for the reduction of the detected type of air pollution or mitigation of the consequences of its negative impact.

Call closed: 30th September 2020