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Operational Programme Environment

The Operational Programme Environment 2014–2020 follows on the Operational Programme Environment 2007–2013. It offers EUR 2.637 billion to the Czech Republic from the European Regional Development Fund and from the Cohesion Fund.

The Operational Programme aims to protect and ensure the quality of the living environment of the Czech population, promoting the efficient use of resources, eliminating the negative impacts of human activities on the environment and climate change mitigation.

The programme grants aid to specific projects in six areas

  • Priority Axis 1 – Improving water quality and reducing flood risks
  • Priority Axis 2 – Improving air quality in human settlements
  • Priority Axis 3 – Waste management and material flows, environmental burden and risks
  • Priority Axis 4 – Protection and care for nature and landscape
  • Priority Axis 5 – Energy savings
  • Priority Axis 6 – Technical assistance

Programme management

The Managing Authority is the Ministry of Environment, the intermediary bodies the State Environmental Fund of the CR and for Priority Axis 4 the Czech Nature Conservation and Landscape Agency.

Eligible applicants

The programme is open to municipalities, organizations, state and local governments, research and scientific institutes, educational establishments, legal and physical entities and non-profit organisations.

A full list for eligible applicants concerning individual types of supported projects and activities, the conditions for funding applications and more detailed information is provided in the OP Environment 2014-2020 Programming Document.

How applications are submitted

Applications may be submitted in the framework of open tenders announced for the corresponding specific objective according to the nature of the project. The submission of applications takes place via the Information System of Final Beneficiaries (IS KP14 +) on the website, part of the MS2014+ unified monitoring system for the administration of European subsidies.

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