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Programme Environment

The Programme Environment, Ecosystems and Climate Change

The objective of the Programme is to improve the environmental status of ecosystems and to reduce adverse effects of pollution and other human activities on the environment of the Czech Republic. Norway Grants also help to mitigate climate changes and reduce vulnerability to these changes through adaptation measures.

The Programme addresses two main areas:

  • Environment and ecosystems
  • Adaptation and mitigation of climate change

The allocation amount for the current period is approximately 800 million CZK.

In 2021, due to the significant interest in supporting projects in the environment, an increase in the total allocation of the Program by approximately 71 million CZK was approved.

Current topics of the Programme include the improvement of biodiversity in ecosystems, reducing air pollution and burden on the aquatic environment by emerging pollutants (micropollutants), and creation and implementation of adaptation and mitigation strategies at municipal level. For more information on supported areas, see the Areas of Support page.

However, the specific focus of the Programme is still the subject of negotiations and will be published after approval by the Donors.

Implementation of the supported projects shall be completed by April 30, 2024.   


Send your questions about the program to the e-mail address:

Previous programming periods

There were two grant periods already completed in the Czech Republic, during which the EEA and Norway Grants supported several hundred projects worth almost 6 billion CZK.

About 600 million CZK were allocated to projects for environmental protection and climate change issues. This amount has made it possible to carry out many of the educational programs, projects to improve biodiversity, carbon dioxide storage and methodologies and pilot projects for the development of local adaptation strategies.