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National Programme Environment

The National Programme Environment (NPE) aims to provide long-term and effective protection of the environment in the Czech Republic, to support efficient and sustainable use of natural resources, to correct the negative impacts of human activities on the environment, to mitigate and adapt to the impact of climate changes and to provide efficient prevention through environmental education of citizens.

The NPE provides aid to projects that cannot be funded from the Operational Programme Environment, the New Savings Programme and other grant and subsidy programmes. Aid for these projects is granted primarily from the Fund’s own resources. In 2021, the National Program Environment was expanded to include activities (e.g. clean mobility, air protection or a circular economy) funded under the National Recovery Plan from the Next Generation EU Fund.

NPE objectives

  • Protection of the environment in the CR
  • Efficient and sustainable use of natural resources
  • Correction of the negative impact of human activities
  • Adaptation to the impact of climate changes
  • Environmental education of citizens

The programme grants aid in eight basic areas

  • Priority area 1: Water
  • Priority Area 2: Air
  • Priority area 3: Wastes, old burdens, environmental risks
  • Priority Area 4: Nature and Landscape
  • Priority area 5: Environment in cities and municipalities
  • Priority Area 6: Environmental Prevention
  • Priority area 7: Innovative and demonstration projects
  • Priority area 8: Energy savings

Eligible applicants

This Programme is designed for a wide range of entities, including public and private legal persons as well as individuals.

Aid is granted to applicants on the basis of MoE Guideline No. 4/2015, on Provision of Funds from the SEF CR in the form of subsidies, loans or a combination of both.

How applications are submitted

Applications may be submitted in the framework of announced grant calls to the SEF CR, conditions of support are specified in the call text and other documents published together with the grant call.

An overview of current grants, approved projects, a timetable of grant calls and all documents can be found on the separate website of (in Czech).